Welcome to The Lava Zone Wiki Page.

Welcome to our Lava Zone Wiki page. We used this Wiki page in conjunction with our unit on Volcanoes. Working with a partner or individually, students were asked to research on a specific volcano and report back using the Wiki page. They were allowed to present their findings in any form they chose. They could create a video, use a slide show, or set up the page as a poster presentation of their information. Also, students were then asked to produce a replica of their volcano they chose to research on. They were expected to keep daily logs of their progress as well as upload pictures of their projects in the early stages all the way to their finished product.

You can find all of our pages in the Navigation Bar on the left side of this page. Some of us worked on our own, and others worked in groups.

Interesting Videos

What's a Wiki?????? Here is a helpful video on what a Wiki is and how to use it.

Science: Check out some interesting Volcano videos.


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