Welcome to Shyane and Melinda's volcano page


Stuff for the volcano


Work Log

today we did not have scents, but one week ago Melinda and I
got to gather and made a volcano model it was made out
of clay and i did not write a work log because my internet was
down so i could not make it. but we are currently panting the volcano.

Today Melinda has been working on research for the volcano and Shyane was doing the same thing as me .

today i am organizing our page wile Melinda finds more info about the volcano.

i was away so Melinda was doing stuff she was resurching the volcano. and i was resurching
a little bit to when i was at home.

today me and Melinda where working hard to get more work done on the volcano Yellowstone.
we were trying to figure out if Yellowstone was about to blow and it might blow soon


today Shyane is looking up a volcano sculpture to think of what
we wont to do on the volcano and Melinda will be doing research.

to day Shyane has looked up i deals for are volcano and
is going to find some clay and other things we might need.


In class Shyane and Melinda have been putting pictures and videos on our page. and
we plan to add more next day and maybe at night. Right now it is 6:54PM an i add ed pictures and
videos and i put in the welcome thing.

Info about Yellowstone volcano

"Yesterday afternoon, a 4.4 magnitude earthquake occurred just 9 miles southeast of the south entrance to Yellowstone National Park ... given the shallow depth of this quake, the volcanism model developed by Larry Park has suddenly lurched us a huge step towards a worst-case eruption event. Simply put, anyone living within 600 miles of Yellowstone could be sitting in a modern day Pompeii. In addition, for those living outside this area and West of the Mississippi River, there could be grievous consequences as well, because systemic processes are now building beneath Yellowstone that paint a very clear picture of a major eruption event in its early stages. No one can say if or when it might become dangerously active. If a volcano is like a hibernating bear, however, then it may well be volcanic springtime in Yellowstone. Super explosions, about 1,000 times more material erupted than Mt. St. Helens in 1980, happen about every 600,000 years at Yellowstone,' Wicks says. 'And it's been about 620,000 years since the last super explosive eruption there."The two largest volcanic eruptions in North America in the past few million years; the