April 9, 2008

Good morning everyone! I have decided to extend the wiki due date to Monday to coincide with your replica model due date. This way, you will be able to get some pictures of your model onto the wiki page. Also, some of you will need to re-do your sketches. They were to be good copy sketches and some did not meet the minimum quality expectations. Many sketches were also too lightly done and not finelined. These did not scan very well and turned out as blank documents. I will hand back some of these for you to re-do. Others scanned fine and will be placed into your student folders today.

April 4, 2008

Before you continue working on your Wiki's, please take the time to visit other pages and post constructive feedback. Please do this the same way as you did for Social Studies. Also, just a friendly reminder to post to your Work Log EVERY DAY regardless of whether we had Science or not that day. You should be close to completing all of your research and posting this onto your Wikis.

April 2, 2008

Continue working on researching your volcano. Start presenting your information in a creative manner on the Wiki. Remember, you can use videos, slideshows, etc., but make sure you meet all the required criteria.

Begin sketching out your volcano models and listing out the materials you will need to build it. Please do not go above your and your partner's means (i.e. don't go crazy buying stuff). Your good copy of your sketch with detailed plans is due on Friday April 4.

March 31, 2008

Continue working on your research of your volcanoes. Remember, the requirements are the minimum requirements for the write up portion of the project. I am looking for that "WOW" factor in your projects that go above and beyond the minimum.

Also, please remember to update your Wiki page Work Logs on a DAILY basis. If you do not, it will be considered a homework miss. I haven't specified a due date for this project yet as I know you have many other assignments on the go especially with SS, but please ensure you do some work on it on a daily basis. Do not leave it till the last minute. WARNING: a due date may be announced that may only give you 2-3 more days to complete the remainder of your work.

Finally, you should all have a plan for your replica models of your volcanoe. REMEMBER TO TAKE PICTURES ON A REGULAR BASIS OF YOU WORKING ON YOUR VOLCANO MODELS AT HOME!!!!

March 26, 2008

If you haven't already done so (and most of you have already), please make sure you let Mr. Lum know what Volcano you would like to do for your project.
Click here for instructions for the project. We will discuss this further in class on Thursday.

March 19, 2008

The following volcanoes have been claimed:
Santorini - Anastasia
Kilauea - Rojin & Madison

March 17, 2008

The following volcanoes have been taken:

Mt. St. Helens - Alexandra
Mt. Fuji - Martin
Mt. Vesuvius - Mariyah,Kyle
Mauna Loa - Raof,Robert
White Island- jordan

March 14, 2008

Please remember to request membership onto this wiki page by Sunday night. Also, please email your request for your top three choices for the volcano you would like to research and report on. Remember...first come first serve!

Volcanoes Introductory Questions - Mar 7, 2008

Using any sources from the Internet or reference books, answer the following questions in complete sentences. Type your answers using MS Word. When you are complete, you will save the file as Volcanoes_yourname (e.g. Volcanoes_mrlum).

1. Describe the differences between the 3 different types of volcanoes.

2. What can cause a volcano to erupt?

3. Where are most of the world’s volcanoes found? Why?

4. What is the difference between magma and lava?

5. Explain what an era is with reference to geological time.

Challenge Question: What is the principle of superposition? How does it help geologists to determine the age of rocks?

Due: Monday Mar 10, 2008

Volcanoes - Intro: Mar 6, 2008

1. Go to Mr. Lum's website and click on the Science Worksheets Document library on the left hand side of the page.
2. Download the KWL_volcanoes file and save it to your student folder.
3. Open the KWL_volcanoes file and fill in as many items as you can think of for K (what do you think you know about volcanoes), and for W (what do you want to learn about volcanoes). You must have a minimum of 5 items in each column. Do not do "L" yet.