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SAKURAJIMA. amazing this happens over 100 times each YEAR!!!


N=Nadim wrote T=Tyler wrote

March 31/08
Today Tyler found info on Sakurajima and all different cool facts about it. Nadim added to our write up with all the new found facts by him and me. our project is moving good we will be purchasing materials for a diagram and clay! =T

April 1/08

Tyler was working on finiding more cool information about
And Nadim was writing down the information on Microsoft Word. =N

Nadim added to our write-up and found more research for some topics. tyler edited the wiki by finding you tube videos of volcanoes and sakurajima. tyler also edited the wiki by adding and deleting stuff that we needed. nadim and tyler will be buying clay on the weekend. everything is going great!
= N&T


Today after school Tyler added materials for the sc project. And Nadim was drawing out the sketch for the project to. And we also were also finding information. To complete for 6:00pm on Friday. =N

April 4/08
Today we bought the materials for the project. =N

April 5/08
Today we made our base for the volcano project. And we also created the first peak of the volcano. That we had redo because the first peak because it was not sticking! =N

April 6/08

Today we were doing our work equally. Tyler was working on the volcano and I was working on the wiki page. There was alot of work going on at the class we were given! =N

April 7/08
Today Tyler was making the second peak of the volcano, and Nadim was adding some more information and fixing up the wiki page. And Nadim is taking the project home today! Tyler edited the wiki at home and remembered to add this log when he was at home! T

April 10/08
Today we continued working with the clay we had left. and Tyler worked on the city at home. =T


Sakurajima is an active volcano and a former island now connected to the mainland in Japan. And that happened by a great eruption that took place 1914 that connected the island Osumi Peninsula and Sakurjima in to one huge island in Japan. Now Sakurjima is no longer an island. The volcanic activity still continues, dropping large amount of volcanic ash on its surroundings!! This volcano is in Kyūshū, Japan it is a Strato volcano with the it being split into three peaks, Kitadake (northern peak), Nakadake (central peak) and Minamidake (southern peak) that is active now. The surface of the island is about 77 km. Its North Peak Kitadake is Sakurajima's highest peak, rising to 1,117 meters above sea level. In 1994 the volcano erupted 126 times, Ever since 1994 the volcano has erupted 100/200 times per year, wow that’s a whole lot of times per year!

= N&T


N=Nadim T=Tyler
Clay (red,brown,green,black,gray) N+T
Plywood or cardboard T
Food coloring (red)
tooth picks T
animal toys T
toy cars T
Paper towel




On these days:
to 7 the our notes will be created with materials.
8,9,10,11 Starting to build volcanoe and by the twelve the project will be completed
with a write up and detail.
12: Over view the subject.