St. Helens I

By: Alexandra

I Hope this Video is helpful

Information about Mt. St. Helens

  • When Mt. St. Helen's Erupted: Mt St. Helen's erupted 8:32 Sunday morning on May 18, 1980.
  • The earthquake that was given by Mt. St. Helen's "measured" to about 5.1 on the Richer scale.
  • The eruption was a violent eruption.
  • Mt. St. Helen's is located in Washington, USA between Green Lake, Fork Toutle River, Cold water Lake, Spirit Lake, Castle Lake, and South Toutle Lake River.
  • Hundreds of smaller earthquakes followed after the eruption.
  • The first steam explosion blasted a 250 foot wide crater through the volcano's ice cap.
  • In April, many explosion made the crater even bigger then it was, it is now 1,000 feet diameter.
  • Scientists guessed that the magma in the volcano was enough to fill a balloon 1,800 feet across.
  • Mt. St. Helen's is 45 miles (72km) west of Mt. Adams. These two volcano's are about 50 miles (80miles) from Mt. Rainer
  • The top of the cone was destroyed when he eruption happened in the 1980's;
The eruption cost 57 lives and many injuries. Many buildings were buried and more than 200 houses and cabins were destroyed. Many acres of prime forest, and recreational sites, roads and trails were destroyed or badly damaged. More than 185 miles of highway and roads were destroyed or badly damaged. Four billion board feet of timber was damaged or destroyed and many animals, including dear, elk and bear were killed. Many small animals, such as rodents, frogs and craw fish managed to survive because they were below ground level or water surface. The ash destroyed many crops in the area, the ash may provide chemical nutrients to the soil in the future.
Dec.22, 2007
After resting 2 decades, Mount St. Helen's woke up. Shaking ground and a skyward blast proved to the world that it's still an active volcano.Tiny earthquakes had been shaking the mountain for a week before it erupted on Oct. 1, 2004. The volcano gave out a big Grey cloud of steam and ash 10,000 feet into the air. Hot magma began coming out of the crater a few weeks later. As it kept coming, the magma literally built a small mountain in front of scientists' eyes

Elevation- 8,365 feet (2,550,)
Location- Washington, USA
Range- Cascade Range
Rominenece- 4,605 feet (1,404m)
Coordinates- 46* 12'00. 17*N 122* 11'21. 13*W
Topo map- USGS Mt. St. Helen's
Type- Active Stratovolcano (composite Volcano)
Age- 40.000 yrs
Last Eruption- 2004- 2008 (ongoing)

First ascent- Thomas Jefferson Dryer was the first to climb Mt. St. Helens on Agust 27, 1856
Easiest route- Hike near south slope of Volcano (Cloest area near eruption site)


  • Paint (Brown,Red, and Green)
  • Clay
  • Play-doh
  • Box
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Newspaper
  • Water Bottle
  • Construction Paper
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • rocks (Small)
  • Tree's (Plastic)
  • Glue
  • Felts (Sharpies)
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinager
  • Food coloring (Red)
  • Wire
  • fence thing
  • Paper Mash eh (water, flower)


  1. Take Medium sized box and paint green
  2. Then let green paint Dry
  3. Take the paper/newspaper and shape it to volcano shape
  4. Take Cardboard and put it over paper/newspaper
  5. Put Clay/Play-doh over the cardboard and make it bumpy
  6. Take scissors and cut the water bottle where the Lid snout it and place it between paper and cardboard at the top of the volcano
  7. Paint the Clay/Play-doh Brown with Red Lava coming out
  8. Let Dry
  9. Put plastic trees and rocks where the volcano is not touching (on box)
  10. Put food coloring in Vinager
  11. Put Baking Soda and red Vinger in to the bottle thats in the volcano
  12. Watch and Enjoy!!


Daily Work Log

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April 9,2008
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April 8,2008
Today I (Alexandra) worked on the Daily Work Log. I put all my information in my notebook so i have everything in my writing and so it was easier to change everything to my own words when i was writing on paper. After that i put all my work on to my Wiki so everyone can have a chance to know all the history/past of Mt. St. Helen's.
tomorrowi will be working on putting some pictures on and maybe a slide if i find out how to make one.!!

April 7, 2008
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March 31, 2008
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April 2, 2008
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