Welcome to Kristin & Gwynne's Mt. Rainier Wiki page!
We will have videos, information, and pictures about Mt. Rainier!


Map of Washington including Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier


Information on Mt. Rainier

Mount Rainier's earliest eruptions happened over 840,000 years ago. Mount Rainier's latest eruption was 150 years ago. The main cone of Mount Rainier has formed since 730,000 years ago. Mount Rainier is a strato volcano and is located in Washington. It is 14,410 feet high and the highest peak in the cascade range. Mount Rainier erupts less often than volcanoes in Hawawaii but is more dangerous. Mount Rainier is dangerous because it is on the edge of shifting tectonic plates. Mount Rainier has mild winters and cool dry summers.

Diagram plan
-Paper mache in shape of mt.rainier

Material list (What we will need to make our volcano)
-Brown and Orange paint
-Tissue paper
-old paper towel roll


We will put an old paper towel roll down and fill it with orange paint so it looks like lava. We will make the shape of volcano with paper mache around it.

Daily work log
April 15:
Today we worked on our volcano all block. We finally got our materials and it's due tomorrow! I am going to work on our volcano at my house today and I hope I get it done. I probably will. We hopefully won't get a homework miss. I am going to work hard today because I was away yesterday. I need to get some more glue from the store and we are doing paper mache. We hope it works good. I also need to get some paint from the store and paintbrush. It shouldn't take me very long to finish but I need to get to work as soon as I get home. I really hope we get it done!

April 14:
Today Kristin and I worked on the volcano before school. I would have worked on it during class but it was in Kristin's locker and she left. We also would have worked on it yesterday but Kristin was at her grandmother's. We also would have worked on it the day before but I was at my grandmother's. So far we have the bottom square covered with neat looking construction paper and put on two toilet paper rolls going up for the main base of the volcano covered with neat looking construction paper. We have also done some of the paper mache. We still have to put orange paint in the toilet paper rolls to make it look like lava. We also still have to do the rest of the paper mache and paint it orange and brown. We have all of the materials so it shouldn't take very long to finish.

April 10:
Today me and Gwynne discussed how we are going to build our volcano. We still need to get our materials but we will try and get them today. Kristin is going to get some of the materials and Gwynne added to the plan and materials because she changed it slightly. We are going to add links to our page also like links to pages on mount Rainier.

April 9th
Today Kristin was still trying to get the video on because she can't do it yet. Gwynne re did the sketch.

April 8th Today Kristin was trying to get a video called Mt.Rainier Overflight. it's a really good video that Gwynne told her about. It has all of the angles of Mt.Rainier. Gwynne was also trying to get the video on our wiki. Gwynne wrote the Daily Work log. Gwynne fixed a few little things on the wiki.

April 7th Today Gwynne and I did more research and worked on our page a little more. We still need our materials to make our volcano. We are working on organizing our page and getting useful information. We also still need to get some videos on our page but I still need to get a YouTube account so I can add videos and we need to find a useful video on Mount Rainier that maybe if we are lucky shows it erupting or tells lots of information about Mount Rainier. I (Kristin) went on Wikipedia to find more info we really need to get our materials so we can start our volcano and take pictures! Speaking of pictures, we also need more of those. Gwynne found information about how big mount rainier is and found some pictures of mount rainier.

April 4th
Today Gwynne and Kristin did some research and worked on our sketch for our volcano and came up with some ideas for our volcano. Kristin went on Wikipedia and Gwynne did most of the sketch. For some reason our font was different so we had to fix all of it which took about 1 minute. We worked together to make ideas for our project and we finally decided to make paper mache and paint it orange and brown. We still need to do a lot of work on our page and get the materials we need.

April 3rd
Today we are writing what are plan is for the diagram.

April 2nd
Today we are adding information about mt. rainier and researching. Kristin is Finding good pictures to add.

March 31st
Today we did some research on mount Rainier. We put what kind of volcano it is and a bunch of facts about mount Rainier. Our research is going pretty well and we are finding lots of things. || || ||