Work logs

April 3/08:Me and devan didn't really get much do but devan started a slide show

April 4/08:Me and Taylor were both working on a slide show but I'm almost done.............started on the volcano mt.popo

April 7/08:Taylor and i were editing are page

April 8/08:devan didn't get anything done because he was some where up stairs but i got notes for mt.popo

April 9/08:taylor and made a slide show and i really get much done

April 10/08:i got research done and devan started the sketch

April.14/08;devan did the sketch and i was taking notes and that is our worklog

April.15/08:worked on volcano and got lots done

April16/08:worked on volcano

April17/08:worked on volcano and finished

April18/08:did right up and finished

.popo notes
second high-
-t peak in Mexico
highly active
also known as Popocatepetl known as it smokes which has makes the name smoking mountain
one of the most active volcanoes in Mexico
has had more than 20 major eruptions since the arrival of Spanish in 1519
one eruption in 1947 also in 1994
has had thousands of people evacuated because of possible eruptions
70km south of Mexico city
magma is apparently made from the mixtures of (65 wt % SiO2, two-pyroxenes + plagioclase + Fe–Ti oxides + apatite, 3 wt % H2O, P = 1·5 kbar, fO2 = NNO + 0·5 log units) and basaltic andesite (53 wt % SiO2, olivine + two-pyroxenes, 3 wt % H2O, P = 1–4 kbar).