Mt. Pinatubo

By: Gavin



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Daily Work Log

Monday, March 30th, 2008
Today I did todays daily work log and I am researching some information on the types of volcanoes as well as Mt. Pinatubo. I am typing up some information on my webpage and finding some more picture. Later today and tomorrow I'm going to start collecting materials for my volcano model and start building the volcano.

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008
Today I gathered some general information on Pinatubo. I also gathered some materials for my project. I also found a few videos on youtube (not sure if I'm going to post them). Tomorrow I am going to start the replica volcano and gather more general and history information.

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008
Today I was editing my web page and finding more information for my wiki. I also gathered some materils for my project.

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008
Today I didn't get anything really done because I was helping Sajad with his project. I also was explaning the project to Mr. Lambert. Tomorrow I will get more work done.

Friday, April 4th, 2008
Today I also didn't get very much done because I was explaning what you had to do for the planning sketch to tyler D. Later today I will finish my sketch and collect more materials for my project.

Saturday, April 5th, 2008
Today I did absolutely nothing towards my project except my work log. Tomorrow I am going to start the building of my volcano and make a slide show of the parts of building.

Sunday, April 6th,2008
Today I got my entire model of Mt.Pinatubo finished only using Crayola Model magic and Play Doh. Today I also sent an email from my hotmail account to all my family in Newfoundland and to my aunt in Ottawa to check out my science wiki. However I may need to redo my project from scratch because I forgot to take photos of the parts as it was getting build. Tomorrow I will maybe restart the model of Mt. Pinatubo and fine more information on it's 1991 eruption.

Monday, April 7th, 2008
Today I finished the eruption history and might begin to restart my project as well as doing my sketch on the paint application at home. Also I have to get more materials for the new model of Mt.Pinatubo which are Play Doh and gel and stuff. Hopefully the model will be done at least by Wednesday.

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008
Today I did the work log during block 3 science. I also printed my Script for my socials Incaru travel agency which you can find on the SocialStudiesSimulation wiki.
Today at home I also finished my new Mt. Pinatubo model volcano using a lunch tray for the support and building it using air dry modeling clay.


Types of Volcanoes

A cinder cone volcano is made up of cinder with farely steep sides and a bowl shaped crater at the top. Cinder cone volcanoes are the smallest of all three different volcanoes but are still very violent when they erupt. Mt. Paricutin, the volcano that has formed in a Mexicans farming field is only several meters in hight.

A shield volcano is made up of gently sloping layers made out completely cooled lava and are the biggest of all three volcanoes in area. Shield volcanoes do not erupt with as much violence as some of the other volcanoes but when they do they are very quiet. Shield volcanoes are a little more different then the other two volcanoes because shield volcanoes can grow from under water just like some of the volcanoes on the Hawaiian islands. Shield volcanoes can also from islands after forming the volcano such as White Island.

A composite volcano is made up of altering layers of lava, cinder, and ash. Like a shield volcano composite volcanoes can erupt quitely or violently like a cinder cone volcano. Composite volcanoes are formed by magma that is pushed up when earth's plates collide. Composite volcanoes can also be called strato volcano.

General Information

Mt. Pinatubo is a composite volcano made up of alternating layers of lava, cinder and ash. Pinatubo was discovered about 35 thousand years ago. Pinatubo is located on the exact cordnets of 15.13 North and 120.35 East. The elevation of Mt. Pinatubo is 5,248 feet.

Eruption History

Mt. Pinatubo only had one eruption that was very distructive in 1991 that lasted more than a whole day and after it erupted Smoke and ash covered the land killing hundreds of people. The volcanolgists notified the miltary that an eruption was coming and started the evacuation however some people did not leave their homes because they thought the volcano wouldn't erupt and for that they died. Mt. Pinatubo was inactive for 600 years up until that eruption in June 1991. Now there is a huge lake in the crater of Mt. Pinatubo which makes it unable to have lava and magma flow through the volcano.