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Blake Mt. Plee

Learning Log

April 15 2008

Today I didn't do anything on my wiki page but add some

April 9 2008

Today I added some information to my wiki page
and I was planning out how I am going to make my
volcano and all the materials I am going to use.

April 8 2008

Today i added some information about my volcano.


Today I was adding to my page making it more colorful
and trying to add some more stuff to it.


Today I edited this page a little bit by adding the picture

and got some information about my volcano.

Materail list:

1)Toy army men.

2)Toy cars .

3)clay to make the volcano.

4) everything is going to be destroyed.

5) baking soda

6) vinegar


The most recent eruption from Mt.Pelee was 1929-1932 "In March 1929 the activity of the fumaroles on the 1902 dome began to increase...On September 16, the first explosions blew out lava blocks from the summit of the 1902-05 dome. ...By the middle of November, pyroclast flows began to be erupted, and these attained their maximum intensity by the middle of December....The growth of

the new dome was first observed on February 3, 1930, small spines began to rise from the summit of the dome; the largest spine of this eruption, observed on November 22, 1931, being 45 meters tall. Activity continued on a diminishing scale until 1932."


Living near the volcano became increasingly stressful, leading many to consider leaving St. Pierre for Martinique's second city, Fort-de-France. On the day of the lahar, however, Governor Louis Mouttet received a report from a committee of civic leaders who
climbed the volcano to assess the danger. The only scientist in the group was a local high school teacher. The report stated that "there is nothing in the activity of Mt. Pelée that warrants a departure from St. Pierre." It concluded that "the safety of St. Pierre is completely assured." The report eased the public's fears, and gave hope to city officials who were particularly anxious that voters remain in the city to cast their ballots for an election that was to be held on May 11. The only people with enough money to leave the island were the wealthy, nearly all of which belonged to the Progressive Party of Governor Mouttet. Mouttet convinced the conservative editor of the daily newspaper Les Colonies to downplay the danger of the volcano, and to lead the effort to encourage people to remain. Still, some residents left the city for Fort-de-France. This prompted Governor Mouttet to send in troops to patrol the road to Fort-de-France, with orders to turn back refugees who were trying to leave. Based on the soothing articles that appeared in Les Colonies, many people in the countryside flocked to St. Pierre thinking that it was the safest place to be. The population ballooned to about 28,000, nearly all of which would perish in the cataclysmic eruption of May 8.