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Pictures of Mt. Mayon

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Daily Work Log

April 9/2008
Today Joela and I worked on the project. We got our boxes and are starting to build to the Volcano, and the houses to build for it. We are doing very well, and working cooperatviely. Joela is going to my house and we are going to finish the project there, and work on it on the weekends. We will finish it by the due date.
Today triza is sick. So today joela is going to organize the page a little more and also add in some pictures. Iam also going to add a bit of in formation. Iam also going to type ou plan of the whole project so our page looks organized and neat I am also going to add on to the information that triza had already put on

Today triza worked on the eruption page and she also added some nice pictures to make the page look nice and neat. We keep making the page look better and we also kept adding on to the information we already had.

Today we really didn't do much but added pictures and we also formatted the page.

Today we worked oon our materials and sorted it out. We sorted it out by which person brings what material or which person brings this or that. We are working very weel and we need to update the wiki more and get more information. That night, Triza worked on the general information on mount mayon.

Today me and triza are working in the computers to get in for mation for our volcano which is mount mayon. We are researching in formation like what the volcano looks like and when did it erupt and also other information. We are also reasearching what kind of habitat that lives around there. We are doin good so far and we are hoping to get this project done as quick as posible.

Triza and joela started working in our project which is mount mayon which is located in the phillipines.

General Information about Mt. Mayon

Mt.Mayon is an active volcano in the phillipines. It is located in luzon. Mt.Mayon is a n composite volcano. This volcano is located between the erasuan and phillipine plate. This volcano is part of the pacific ring of fire. It is a main landmark of al bay province. It is 2462M or 8,077 ft above the albay Culf. The bas of the volcano has radius of 40 kilometers. Mt.Mayon has been the most active volcano in the phillipines since 1616. Mt.Mayon is cone-shaped. Mt.Mayon is famouse for it's symetrical cone-shaped. People say it has been a main attraction for tourists. Mt Mayon is located near many villages including Legazpi City, Draga, Camilig, Ligago CIty, Tabaco City, Malilipot, and Santo Domingo. It is considered one of the worlds perfectly shaped volancoes.

external image Mayon_summit.jpg
Where Mt. Mayon is Located

Eruptions of Mt.Mayon

This volcano has 47 recorded eruptions. The first eruption happened in the year of 1616 and the lates eruption happened in 2006. There were two dates that was the worst destructive eruption. One on febuarary. Monday morning, mount mayon already gave 500 meter ash colums in the air, according to philvocs, materials thrown from the crater of 8,070 foot (2,460 meter) could threathen anyone eight kilometers from the mountain. Classes has been suspended in public schools that would house the evacuees, according to Legazpi Mayor Noel Rosal. When the eruption happend at least 74,069 people or 13,870 families from 40 villages in three cities and five municipilities have evacuated. The albay public safety and emergemcy management safety said that theory. Volcanologists said before the eruption and explosive of Mt.Mayon 60,000 people can be harmed. Mt.Mayoon had have 18 major eruptions.Twelve eruptions that Mt.Mayon made have caused fatalities. Mount Mayon most recent eruption was at 1993. It was not p[lanned it just happened unexpectdedly. The eruption lasted thirty minutes and a mong thise thirty minutes thirty people died. It generated pyroclastic flows. That's what caused people to die 60,000 other evacuated. At Febuarary 24 Mt.Mayon erupt after a long of intense and serious activity. The institute of volcanology and seismology (philsoc) of phillipines said it got 47 low-frequency type volcanic earthquakes over the weekend at Mt.Mayon volcano at Albay province, 330 kilometers southeast of manila. The eltronis tilimeters said, on the northern plank of the volcano said to be sustained inflation of the edifice said, Philvocs in a comment, nothing this could just be a magma rise. Steaming was said to be vigorous. But thick clouds obscurred most of the volcano over the weekend. Philvolc has warned mountaineers from trekking or hiking beside the summit resident from going in the six kilometers danger zone that is permanent. The people in the agency has also warned people near the river channels that is close to the volcano to be cautioned by mud flows which might happened when there is heavy rain. The worst eruption happened in 1814. But the latest eruption was in 2006


Recorded Eruptions of Mt. Mayon

The eruption happened in the year of ( 1616)
The eruption that was bulching dark ash was in the year of (1717)
The most destructive eruption of Mt.Mayon was at Febuarary,1/1814)
Mt.Mayon's longest eruption, it lasted for seven days ocurred-(Junw,18/1997)
The latest eruption that happened was at (2006)
Mt.Mayon activities during (2006)
(July,18/2006)- The number of size of incandesent rockfalls from the active lavadome
(August,7/2006) - Phillipine goverment asked a evacuation of 20,000 people living near the volcano
(August,8/2006 )- Phillipine goverment moved 34,276 people to state-run shelters because they said the volcano can erupt any time soon
(August,9/2006 )- The volcano can explode at any time. But it was mostly expected at the full moon.
(August,10/2006)- Phillipine goverment renewed warnings of the volcano having major explosions
(August,11/2006)- Scientists said ground surveys showed Mayon was still "swollen" and registered a high number of volcanic earthquakes.
(November,30/2006)- THis was the most recent activity fron the volcano
Those are not all the eruption there are more because the volcano had a total of 47 eruptions.

Mayon Volcano overlooks a pastoral scene approximately five months before the volcano's violent eruption in September 1984.
Mayon Volcano overlooks a pastoral scene approximately five months before the volcano's violent eruption in September 1984.
Mayon Volcano on 23 September 1984
Mayon Volcano on 23 September 1984

Damages that Mt. Mayon did
Some damages that Mt.Mayon did is it made lots of people evacuate. The eruption in febuarary 24 more than 50,000 people were displaced and millions of pesos(dollars) worth of infrastructure and crops were ruined by extreme and mild eruption. No casualities were announced. Phivolcs recorded about five smoke and ash outburst before the eruption happened. The worst eruption that happened was in 1814 when it buried an entire town under ash and killed more than 1,300 people.

The Plan

Materials Needed:
Clay= Triza
Baking Soda= Triza
Food coloring= Joela
Plastic Animal= Joela
Pom Poms= Triza
Toothpicks= Both
Cardboard= Triza
Thinfoil= Triza

Our volcano is going to well done organized and outstanding. It's going to look like this. There is going to be houses made out of clay toothpicks and paer there will be plastic animal and also there will be grass. Our first step is to gather all the materials. You can see which one is bringing if you look at the material needed above it tell you who's going to bring who cause have already decided. What were going to do is to make the floor of the volcano separate from the actual volcano. But at the end will just put them together and it will look like a volcano surrounded by a village.Our second step is making the volcano.

Step one: Making the Volcano
The first thing we are going to do is to research a picture of Mt.Mayon in the internet and try to make a peice of cardboard look like it. After we have done that the next we are going to do is to put thinfoil inside the cardboard that look like a volcano. WHY?. Because when we make the volcano explode there will be liquid involved so if the liquid goes to the cardboard the cardboard will get weak and it will fall but if there is thinfoil it won't get to the card borad. Sfter we put thing foil we will get bbrown clay and we will cover the whole cardboard with brown clay except the inside just the out side. Then after we do that we will take red clay and put blobs on some spot of the brown clay so it will look like lava. That is how to make the volcano

Step two: Making the floor of the volcano
The second thing we are going to do is to make the floor of the volcano. The first thing we are going to do is to make a carboard peice into a big square. Then we are going to take square peice of cardboard and paing it all dark green. Then we will get pom poms and that are green and cut them in to peices then glue them into the cardboard to make it look like grass. Then we will make house by using paer toothpick and also clay. The we will put clay at the bottom of each plastinc animal foot so it will stick to the cardborad. Then we just organized where the houses animals go and then were done the floor of the volcano.

Step three: Putting the volcano and the floor together
The last part of the plan is putting the volcano and the floor together. It is very easy. You just take some more brown clay then put some opn the volcano and the square peaice of cardbord then just put it together then you volcano is done.

After we are done our volcano we will add the finishing toches on our wiki page.

Things to do the next day

- decide where going to build the volcano ( which house)
-fix the Wiki page
-add on information picture and ect.
- find videos in Youtube about Mount Mayon
-find out where to get the materials and get materials.
-Bring material to school
-Buy materials
-Start building volcanoe
-Start building the floor of building the volcano.
-Add on to wiki.

Words you might not know

Volcanologists- They are scientists who study volcanoes.
Seismology- is the scientific study of earthquakes and the propagation of elastic waves ...
Volcanology- it is a study of volcanoes lava magma and related geological phenomena