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Facts and History

Mount Fuji was first thought discovered or climbed in 663 by an anonymous monk and has been sacred since the ancient times.
But it happens to turn out that it was climbed or discovered by a foreigner named Sir Rutherford Alcock in 1860. Mt. Fuji's current name mean wealth or well supplied, and a man with a certain status respectively. But this name was possibly picked out because their pronunciation matches the syllable of the name and doesn't have a specific meaning to it. Mount Fuji is the highest volcanic mountain in Japan, with the hight of 3,776 meters (12,388 feet). It is located near the pacific coast of central Honshu, Japan and stands on the border between Yamanashi. Mount Fuji is worshiped as a sacred mountain because that was where the Soga brother's revenge took place and it has experienced a big popularity among artists and common people. Mount Fuji is a active volcano, (that volcano that is currently erupting but it is to be in the near future) one of the eruptions which erupted in 1708, leaving mud slides, ash and cinder raining down upon Tokyo and Yokohama. it is doesn't to say when Mount Fuji will erupted but scientists are keeping a eye on Mount Fuji. if it were to erupt then Tokyo ,Gotemba ,Fojiyoshida ,Fujinomiya will all at a damage cost at 21 Million dollars in US. Mount Fuji is at least 3776 m above the sea level (2.34 miles). which makes it quite high. mount fuji is located in japan near Tokyo but the longitude is 138 45' 1 E and the latitude is 35 21'5 N

materials list
white and brown paint
bendable metal
Plan For volcano module

- First get materials
- then put cardboard down on the flat table
- lay out the materials on the a table
- put the bottle at the center of the cardboard
- then tape metal on the cardboard and to the bottle and shape like mount Fuji (this will be your skeleton of your module)
- then cover the metal with 3 sheets of paper ( make sure that that you tape the inside and it covers the metal)
- after apply white paint at the top and then apply brown at the base of Fuji
- then let it dry
- after name all the places such as the mudslides

Daily work log



April 16 08 today

April 15 08 today i worked on the module

April 13 08 today i didn't do anything

April 12 08 today i edited the plan and added new stuff on the materials

April 11 08 today i did nothing

April 10 08 today i have put down the laditude and the longitude

April 9 08 I'm almost finished the volcano module and i edited 2 picture today

April 8 08 i have started at my volcano module today

April 7 08- today i have put in some info about how high is mount fuji from sea level and how to make my volcano list

April 6 08- i didn't do anything today

April 5 08- i Colored the page and made it neat

April 4 08- i put 5 comments on Mr Hayes class volcano and handed in the volcano model

April 3 08- organized pictures and updated work log have to scan volcano model and have to buy materials for project

April 2 08- i added 2 pictures for mount Fuji, i have to draw a module of my volcano and I've added a materials list

April 1 08 - finish research for the Mount Fuji, add pics for Fuji

March 31 08 -

To Do List:

-Get information about Mount Fuji
- pictures for the Mount Fuji
- always update the daily work log
- update contents