Here's a sketch of my Mt. Etna replica!



These are some videos about Mt.Etna and there earlier eruptions

Work Log

April.14,2008-Today i up loaded my sketch of my volcano with a lot of help from Mr.Lum and i have also checked my spelling eraors in some places and worked on my volcano the big one and the things i did on my volcan where that i have gotten more paper mache added my top to th volcano and had to let it dry. Tomorrow i i will paint my volcano and add the finishing touches and i will make my Wiki space look way better for it to be handed in on wensday.

April.10,2008-Today i have added my sketch to my page and i have done way more to my volcano but i need to take more pictures of my stages and i ran out of paper mache and i need to get more so it delayed my process of my volcano.

April.7,2008- I have added new information about my volcano and have stared building actually i started building on Sunday but i will keep on building and will take pictures from every stage of my project. and tomorrow i will do more to my volcano add new information.

April.4,2008- I have added my material list and my instructions for it all and i will also do more to it.

April.3,2008- I have done more to my site like add new pictures and i was going to add my materials list and how to do it but my internet shut down so that ended tomorrow i will add my list of material and things i need to get.

April.2,2008- I have added a you tube play list to my site and added more facts and tonight i wil added new videos to my play list and do more facts.

April.1,2008- I have added new facts new facts and pictures and added to the table of contents and tomorrow i will do more facts and sketch my rough draft of my volcano.

March.31,2008 - I have added new pictures and added the criteria and added all of my table of content and for tomorrow i will add more pictures and do as much as i can on the criteria.


Volcanoes project

In this project you will report on an active or dormant volcano and produce a
replica of this volcano using whatever materials you have available to you.
You may choose any volcano from around the world. The information you
must include:

+The name of the volcano

+ Type of volcano

+ Elevation above sea level

+Where this volcano is located

+ Date of discovery

+ Provide a picture of this volcano

+ Dates of its notable eruptions and number of historical eruptions

+ Positive and negative effects of the volcanic eruptions on: the
environment, people, etc. à in general and specific to your volcano

+ Each group will have their own individual page to work from.

+ You will present your information in any form you wish on your Wiki
page (i.e. slide show; PowerPoint; Garage Band; iMovie, etc…)

+ You will log your process in the LavaZone Wiki site on a daily basis -
your updates will log in detail what was done each day, at home and in

Ø You will take regular pictures with a write up explanation to document
your progress at various stages of the project

Facts about Mt.Etna

Volcanic activity at Etna began about half a million years ago, with eruptions occurring beneath the sea off the then coastline of Sicily. 300,000 years ago, volcanism began occurring to the southwest of the present-day summit, before activity moved towards the present centre 170,000 years ago. Eruptions at this time built up the first major volcanic edifice, forming a strato-volcano and a compsite in alternating explosive and effusive eruptions. The growth of the mountain was occasionally interrupted by major eruptions leading to the collapse of the summit to form calderas.
From about 35,000 to 15,000 years ago, Etna experienced some highly explosive eruptions, generating large pyroclastic flows which left extensive ignimbrite deposits. Ash from these eruptions has been found as far away as Rome, 800 km to the north. Mt. Etna is a Compistie volcano and is also call a Strato volcano an compisite volcano is the type of volcano that the eruption in quite and not violent and the strato is the same as the shield volcano this type of volcano does not erupt as vioetly as the other volcanos and is the second largest volcano. Mt,Etna is located in Sicily, Italy Mt. Etna is about 3,326 meters above sea level. Mt.Etna last erupted in 2008 and caused land slides and over 1000-6000 people to die and caused new land structures and made different islands. This volcanoes rocks are about 500,000 years of age. The very first eruption was in 1669 and also the other recent eruptions that have been big and harsh and have been in 2002,2006,2007 and 2008 those have been eruptions close to these years and have been close to each other in the years. This same picture was used in the star wars movie and it was #3 this relates to Mt.Etna because when Mt.Etna exploded they used a satelite out of the earths surface and saw all of the smoke so the star wars filmer used it for the movie.

Same, seen in a wider field
Same, seen in a wider field


external image MtEtna.jpg external image 54726840.jpg

What i need for my volcano

Create your own volcano

What you'll need-

1 water bottle (plastic type that you can throw away or cut)

Lots of strips of newspaper

Paper mache mix (can be made by mixing together water and glue)

Paint (optional)

Soda box

Baking soda


Red food coloring (optional)

What to do-
1. Take the water bottle and cut off the top or the spout part
2. Tape the water bottle with the open side up to the soda box bottom, so the soda box should be upside down.
3. Crumple up lots of pieces of newspaper into balls but do not make the balls really tight. In fact, the balls should not be tight at all.
4. Put all of the crumpled pieces of paper around the water bottle and tape them to the soda box and the water bottle . You should make so it looks like it slopes in the front and back. Don't worry, because when you finish this it will look pretty bad. The key is imperfection, because there is no such thing as a perfect mountain or volcano!!!! If you don't tape it down really tight, it will look more textured and like a real mountain.
5. After it's all taped up, it's time to use the paper mache!!!!
6. Take a strip of newspaper and dip it all the way in the paper mache mix so it is completely covered with paper mache mix.
7. Put your pointer finger in the front of the strip on the top, and your thumb behind it. Pinch and slide your two fingers all the way down to the bottom of the strip top get off all the excess paper mache mix.
8. Put the very end of the newspaper strip at the very top of your volcano and make the rest of it go all the way down the volcano and if there is more, flat on the soda box. It should be touching the volcano all the way down the volcano.
9. Do this all the way around the volcano and on and make sure you cover all of the first newspaper. When you finish this, it should look somewhat like volcano.
10. Leave the paper mache to dry over night, and the next day if you want you can paint your volcano.
11. To make it look like lava, you can do red streaks going down the volcano.
12. You can make the lava look 3-D by taking a fabric paint and squeezing it slowly all the way down the volcano.
13. Now you are ready to erupt your volcano!!! Take the baking soda and pour it into the water bottle. Fill it up about a fourth of the way up.
14. Add a little bit of the food coloring into the glass of vinegar. Now you need pour the vinegar in the volcano.
15. Stand back, because an eruption of fizzing baking soda and vinegar will occur!!!!!