• Science Mt. Colima . BY Hayden + Jake .

Volcano Information:

19.51 North
103.62 West
Summit Height:
4100 M (13451 Feet)
Smithsonian Number:
Type of Volcano:

Intresting Facts

  • Colima's Volcano is the most active volcano in Mexico and has erupted more than 40 times since 1576.
  • There are actually two peaks in the volcano complex:

These are satalite photos from a sky view during an eruption


Known as the "volcan de fuego" ("volcano of fire"),
Mount Colima erupted on Monday, stronger than it has in the past 20 years. Mount Colima is not located in the state of Colima, but in the state of Jalisco, which is located 125 km south of Guadalajara.
There are actually two peaks in the volcano complex: Nevado de Colima (4330 m), which is older and inactive, lies about 5km north of the younger and very active 3860m-tall Volcán de Colima (also called Volcán de Fuego de Colima). Since 1869-1878, a parasitic set of domes, collectively known as el Volcancito, have formed on the northeast flank of the main cone of Colima's volcano.

Centuries-old legends say that more than 3,000 years ago the God of fire looked down from the volcano, Nevado de Colima, to advise and give solace to the inhabitants of this region. His hot-tempered younger brother, who resided in the Volcan de Colima, instilled fear in the hearts of his worshippers and would severely punish those who didn't please him.

Mountain on fire
Mountain on fire
Driving north from Manzanillo, tourists will always remember their first view of the majestic mountains of Colima. The inactive, snow-capped Nevado de Colima, towering above 14,200 feet and its active smoke- and lava-spewing partner, Volcan de Colima, at more than 13,000 feet overlook a lush, forested valley and tranquil lagoon.
The Colima volcano is the most active volcano in Mexico, having erupted violently several times over the last 450 years. About 4,000 years ago it produced a cataclysmic avalanche much larger than that of Mount St. Helen's. Written accounts of the volcano's eruptions date from shortly after the Spanish conquest of Mexico.


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. Hear Are A Few Shots Of The Volcano .

Photo of Nevado de Colima
Photo of Nevado de Colima
external image colima2.gif

  1. This is a video of mount colima.

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