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Mt. Baker


*Paper Mache Mix
*Newspaper(Paper Mache)
*Red Food Dye
*Brown Paint
*Other colours of paint (village)
*Clay (brown and red)
*Wood (base)
*Smoke Mix
*Water Pump
*Baking Soda
*Big Bottle (shotting lava)
*Bowl (Holds Lava)
*Mini People
*Houses (village)

Our Volcano Project Plans

We Will be building a massive paper mache volcano. We will be inserting a giant bottle and bowl. The bowl will hold all our "lava". The giant bottle will hold our pump, that will be continuously pumping the water when i turn it on. To make the smoke rise, we will be making a steam explosion our of a mixture from a childrens science book. (This project should be erupted outside only) First thing that will happen is smoke will rise and start to cloud around the volcano. Next stage lava will start to bubble over and make bubbling noises. Stage 3 an eruption will tear down the village and all the people in it that we have placed around it .