Kilauea Volcano

By: Rojin, Madison, Meghan

This is Kilauea's eruption
This is Kilauea's eruption
State flag of Hawaii
State flag of Hawaii

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Facts about Kilauea
Map of Kilauea Volcano
Map of Kilauea Volcano

In Hawai'ian , the word Kilauea means "spewing" or "much spreading" , in the reference to the mountain's frequent outpouring of lava . There are five active volcanoes in Hawaii, United States and Kilauea volcano is one of them that is the most active volcano in the world. Kilauea volcano is the home of Fire goddess, Pele. Kilauea has long stories of frequent eruption that continue to shape of Big island of Hawaii. it is the youngest and southeastern most volcano on the big island of Hawaii . When this volcano began to form is not known, but various estimates are 300,000-600,000 years age. Kilauea is made mostly of lava flows locally interbedded with deposits of explosive eruption. About 90% of the surface of Kilauea is lava flows less than 1,100 years old; 70% of the surface is younger than 600 years. This volcano is a very low and flat shield type of volcano which are the largest types of volcanoes in area and are made of gently sloping layers composed entirely of cooled lava . This volcano's area is 550 square miles (1,430 square km). Kilauea has been erupting since January 3th, 1983; After that it has erupted about 61 times in the past 100 years and now as you know it is still active. This volcano mostly erupts basalt lava also gases. Kilauea was quiet from 1934 to 1952_no eruption for 18 years! But since 1955, most of Kilauea's eruption have occurred on its east rift zone. Kilauea has elevation above sea level of 1,277 meters (4,190 feet), but since its base is actually below sea level, it is taller than that. The closest city to Kilauea is the second largest city in Hawaii "Hilo" with population of 40,000.

There are two big signs of warning that Kilauea will erupt; 1. A sudden swarm of shallow earthquakes , 2. S sudden uplift of the ground surface as magma moves upward toward the surface. These are death toll for Kilauea :
1. Only one person has died as a result of volcanic activity, in May 1924.
2. Several people has died in the last decade from fumes in the summit area or from falling off the sea cliff while watching the eruption or falling into the ocean when the sea cliff collopsed.
3. As unknown number of Hawaiians died in 1790 during an explosion of Kilauea .The current eruption of this volcano has covered 35 square miles. probably the most famous erupting of Kilauea was May 1934. Kilauea alternates between long phases of summit eruptions and long phases of rift zone eruptions. One earthquake caused a crack on the edge of Kilauea Caldera. Kilauea is the most recent of a series of volcanoes that have created the Hawai'ian Archipelago , as the Pacific Plate has moved and moving over the Hawai'ian hotspot . The estimated age of earliest subaerial eruption is 50,000-100,000 years. Did you know that Kilauea has it's own magma-plumbing system? Do you want to know that what is the rift zone?Well, it is a feature of some volcanoes, specially shield volcanoes in Hawaii , in which a linear series of fissures in the volcanic edifice allow lava to be erupted from the volcanoe's flank instead of from its summit . Like Kilauea . People have found what have been Pele's tears which are little bits of grass covered in lava.
Kilauea is 2 and 1/2 miles (4 kilometer) long, 2 miles (3.2 kilometers) wide, and 400 feet (122 meters) deep at its deepest point.
Hawaiian flag
Hawaiian flag
There are no signs that the Kilauea's current eruption is slowing or will come to an end anytime soon.

lava from kilauea flows covers a local road
lava from kilauea flows covers a local road

Kilauea's Eruption

Historical Eruption at Kilauea volcano have occurred from both the summit caldera and from vents along the East Rift Zone. These are Eruption of Kilauea volcano:

This are the Kilauea's eruption dates.

Start Day
Stop Day
Area of activity
1983 January 3th
2008 (continuing)
East rift zone (Puu O' o, Kupaianaha)
1982 September 25th
1982 September 26th
Kilauea caldera (SSE of Halemaumau)
1982 April 30th
1982 May 7th
Kilauea caldera (NE of Halemaumau)
1980 March 11th
1980 March 11th
East rift zone (near Mauna Ulu)
1979 November 16th
1979 November 16th
East rift zone (Pauahi Crater)
1977 September 13th
1977 October 1st
East rift zone ( near Kalalua Crater)
1975 November 29th
1975 November 29th
Kilauea caldera, Halemaumau
1974 December 31th
1974 December 31th
SW rift zone (1095 m)
1974 September 19th
1974 September 19
Kilauea Caldera (Halemaumau and to SW)
1974 July 19th
1974 July 22th
Kilauea Caldera, Keanakakoi
1973 May 5th
1973 May 5th
East rift zone, Pauahi, Hiiaka
1971 September 24th
1971 September 29th
Halemaumau and upper SW rift zone
1971 August 14th
1971 August 14th
Kilauea Caldera
1969 May 24th
1974 Julay 22th
East rift zone (Mauna Ulu, 960 m)
1969 February 22th
1969 February 28th
East rift zone (885-945 m)
1968 October 7th
1968 October 22th
East rift zone (730-915 m)
1968 August 22th
1968 August 26th
East rift zone (580-885 m)
1967 November 5th
1968 Julay 13th
1965 December 24th
1965 December 25th
East rift zone (915-960 m)
1965 March 5th
1965 March 15th
East rift zone (700-915 m)
1963 October 5th
1963 October 6th
East rift zone (700-840 m)
1963 August 21th
1963 August 23th
East rift zone (825-960 m)
1962 December 7th
1962 December 9th
East rift zone (945-990 m)
1961 September 22th
1961 September 24th
East rift zone (395-790 m)
1961 Julay 10th
1961 Julay 17th
1961 March 3rd
1961 March 25th
1961 February 24th
1961 February 24th
1960 January 13th
1960 February 19th
East rift zone (near Kopho, 30 m)
1959 November 14th
1959 December 19th
Kilauea Iki
1955 February 28th
1995 May 26th
Lower east rift zone (50-400 m)
1954 May 31th
1954 June 3rd
1952 June 27th
1952 November 10th
1934 September 6th
1934 October 8th
1931 December 23th
1932 January 5th
1930 November 19th
1930 December 7th
1929 February 20th
1929 February 21th
1928 January 11th
1928 January 11th
(1927 lava squeezed out by rockfall)
1927 July 7th
1927 July 20th
1924 July 19th
1924 July 29th
1924 May 10th
1924 May 27th
Kilauea Caldera
1923 August 25th
1923 August 25th
East rift zone (915 m)
1922 May 28th
1922 May 30th
East rift zone, Makaopuhi, Napau
1921 March 18th
1921 March 25th
Kilauea Caldera
1919 December 21th
1920 July 30th
SW rift zone (Mauna Iki, 915 m)
1919 February 7th
1919 November 28th
Kilauea Caldera
1918 February 23th
1918 March 9th
Kilauea Caldera
1906 December 2nd
1924 February
1905 February 22th
1906 April
1903 November 25th
1904 January 10th
1902 June 3rd
1903 March 5+5 days
1902 February 14th (on or before)
1902 February
1897 Jun 24th
1897 June 27th
1896 June 11th
1896 September 25+5 days
1896 January 3rd
1896 January 28th
1884 January 22th
1884 January 22th
East rift zone (-20? m)
1868 April 2nd (?)
SW rift zone (775 m)
1840 May 30th
1840 July 25th
East rift zone (230-950 m)
1832 January 14th
East rim of caldera (Byron's Ledge)
1823 August (on or before)
1894 December 6th
1823 February
1823 July
SW rift zone (Great Crack, 75-580 m)
1820 (?)
Kilauea Caldera
1790 November (?)
Kilauea Caldera (Keanakakoi ash)
1790 (?)
Lower east rift zone (230-375 m)
1750 (?)
East rift zone (Heiheiahulu, 520 m)
1700+25 years
Upper east rift zone (Kokoolau)
1650+50 years
Kilauea summit (Observatory vent)
1610+50 years
Lower east rift zone (Puu Honuaula)
1510+50 years
Lower east rift zone (near Kehena)
1460 + 50 years
Lower east rift zone (near Puu Kaliu)
1450 + 30 years
Kilauea summit (Aila'au vent)
1330 + 150 years
Kilauea summit (Powers Caldera)
1050 + 75 years
Lower east rift zone (NE of lilewa)
850 AD (?)
Summit ? (Kipuka Nene flows)
680 AD + 75 years
East (near Kaipu) and SW rift zones
450 AD (in or before)
Lower east rift zone
150 AD + 300 years
Kilauea summit (Powers Caldera)
150 BC (?)
Kilauea Caldera (upper Uwekahuna ash)
200 BC + 50 years
Summit, East and SW rift zones
410 BC + 100 years
East rift zone
570 BC + 300 years
Kilauea Caldera (lower Uwekahuna ash)
800 BC (?)
850 BC (?)
1550 BC (?)
SW rift zone
1650 BC (?)
SW rift zone
2080 BC (?)
2200 BC + 500 years
2850 BC (?)
SW rift zone
3300 BC (?)
4650 BC (?)
SW rift zone

Map of hazard sones for lava flows on Kilauea Volcano
Map of hazard sones for lava flows on Kilauea Volcano

Map of hazard sones for lava flows on Kilauea Volcano


This is a very good video about Kilauea volcano eruption in 1959-1960.
Also check out the slide show of Kilauea volcano images!!!

Slide show

This is our slide show of Kilauea's pictures.

Images of Kilauea

These are images of Kilauea volcano.
Kilauea's eruption
Kilauea's eruption
Kilauea Caldera
Kilauea Caldera
Kilauea map
Kilauea map
Kilauea's map
Kilauea's map
eruption of Kilauea after 1983
eruption of Kilauea after 1983

Making a Volcano

Here is how you can make a volcano! And it is very simeple!

Things that we need:

- Baking soda
- Camara
- Cardboard
- Clay (brown)
- Construction paper
- Food coloring (red, orange, yellow)
- Glue
- Liquid detergent
- Little people/houses
- Marker
- Masking tape
- Newspapers
- Paint
- Paint brush
- Pen/pencil
- Plants/grass
- Plaster cloth
- Plastic bottle
- Rocks
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Vinegar
- Water

Things that you should do:

1. Making the volcano:
First you should put some newspaper on the cardboard and we make the volcano shape; And then you should put masking tape on them. Then put the plaster cloth with some water on the volcano. And wait untill it is dry. After it was dry you can paint it with the brun color. You could also use of sponge to make it better. Then you could put your volcano on the box.

2. Making the eruption:
First you should put vinegar, liqid detergent, food coloring, and baking soda In the plastic bottle. And wait. Then the eruption will happens and the chemical reaction is:
NAHCO3 + CH3COOH --> Na + + H2O + CO2 + CH3COO- Carbon dioxide is released creating the fizz.

3. Decorating the volcano:
For decorating your volcano you can put rocks, grass, and plants on the volcano. Also you could use them for around of the volcano. You could put some little vallyes around the volcano to make it better. If you want you could even put little people on the volcano that are running away and little houses around the volcano.

Daily work log

Sunday, April 20th, 2008
Rojin: Today I edited our Wiki page and I did the Daily work log. Tomorrow we will hand our volcano in to our teacher; and hopefully we'll get a good mark for our volcano project.
Madison: None
Meghan: None

Saturday, April 19th, 2008
Rojin: Today I updated our web page. Also I just put the last touches on our volcano.
Madison: None
Meghan: None

Friday, April 18th, 2008
Rojin: Today I updated our web page. And I looked at the science exellent sites and I tried to learn than them to organize our web page. Tomorrow I will work on our volcano.
Madison: None
Meghan: None

Thursday, April 17th, 2008
Rojin: Today I just updated our page. Also today I took our volcano project to home and I worked on the decoration for our volcano.
Madison: None
Meghan: None

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008
Today we did not had any Science block to work on our volcano project; but we are done making are volcano and completing our Wiki page, so our group don't really needs time to work on our volcano. By: Rojin

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008
Today we completed the rest painting and a little bit of decorations; Today I am going to take our volcano to home that I could work on the decoration a little bit more. But we are glad that our Wiki page (information,...) and Volcano (Sketching, making,...), are done. By: Rojin

Monday, April 14th, 2008
Today all of us worked on our project. With today's works that we did it all together, our group's project is almost done! Today we found some green and brown color and paint it our volcano but it is not completly done; so Madison took our project home to work on it a little bit more. Then tomorrow we will decorate our volcano and it's background; and we hopefully will be done by Wednesday. By: Rojin

Sunday, April 13th, 2008
Rojin: Today I updated our web page. Also I finished about 75% of our volcano project today at home.
Madison: None
Meghan: None

Saturday, April 12th, 2008
Rojin: Today I updated our Wiki page. And also I worked on our volcano prfoject.
Madison: None
Meghan: None

Friday, April 11th, 2008
Today we did not had Science class to work on our science project. Our group now have everything that we need for our volcano project. During couple days ago we started to make our project. And we are now about 40% done. We are already done organizing our wiki space; but we will add more to it during the few days that we have untill Wednesday. Our project will be about 75% done by Monday. And we will do the rest in the class. By: Rojin

Thursday, April 10th, 2008
Today our group finished pileing up the newspaper and we are going to look for the plaster cloth at Michals today at home. Tomorrow we might start putting on the plaster cloth if we bought it. Soon we hope to start painting and put some more stuff and information on our wiki so it will be finished by Wednesday. By: Madison

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008
Today we did lots of work in the class; Meghan and Madison continued to working our volcano with tape and news papers. And they tried to make a volcano shape. I began to sketch the volcano for the back of our project yesterday at home and today I tried to completed at class. Mr. Lum, our teacher gave us about two days more for making our volcano; so we have more time. But our group still need to be hurry making our volcano. And hopefully tomorrow we will do more things on our project. By: Rojin

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008
Today we crumpled up newspaper and cut some thick cardboard we also started tapeing newspaper on the cardboard. We also brought in most of our supplies that we need.we kind of had trouble tapeing the paper on the cardboard. Tomorrow we will hopefully finish tapeing the paper and start working on the backround. we still need to find some special kind of cloth and we decided our volocano will not be a explodeding volcano like we said before. By: Madison

Monday, April 7th, 2008
Today we had lots of work to do. We changed our idea for making our volcano; and we are going to try a very good and simple way for our project. We also divided material that we needed between our group members. Tomorrow we will start to bring the stuff that we need and also we'll start to make our volcano. By: Rojin

Sunday, April 6th, 2008
Today I finally finished the Kilauea's eruption dates; Also I updated our page. Today I put more information on the facts about Kilauea from a book and a good site about Kilauea. Tomorrow we will start to collect things that we need and we'll start to make our volcano.By: Rojin

Saturday, April 5th, 2008
Today I completed the Kilauea eruption. And added more pictures. Also I updated our web page. Madison and I added some information on the facts about Kilauea. At Monday we will start to buy things that we need for our volcano and then we'll start to make it. And also I gave other groups feedback. By: Rojin

Friday, April 4th, 2008
Today at science class we put more information about Kilauea; I helped other groups to put slide show on their Wiki space. Also all of us gave feedback to other groups. We gave the sketch of our volcano project to the teacher. At the weekend and next class we will put more pictures and information about Kilauea and we will compelete our web page. By: Rojin

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008
Today we did not had science class so we did not get to work on our wiki page, but we still worked at home on our project. All of us updated and added information to our page. Also yesterday Rojin sketched our volcano project and we completed it with each other. Also Rojin and I at the lunch complete and add some stuff on our wiki page. By: Rojin & Madison

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008
Today Madison and I first read the science tasks. Then we put some other eruption dates of Kilauea on our Wiki space. Also Madison found some information about Kilauea of a book that Mr. Lum gave us. Last day we changed our pictures because they didn't showed before. Today we both will work at our sketch of the project and tomorrow we'll try to complete it. By: Rojin

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008
Today we updated our web page. And while Rojin was working on the eruption dates, I found some information about Kilauea and put them on our web page. We will work on our page at home, too. Tomorrow we will read more of the book about our volcano and hopefully will get more information about eruption and others. By: Madison:

Monday, March 31th, 2008
Today we found a very good site about Kilauea, our volcano and we put information from that site on our wiki page. Today one of our group members was away; but Madison our other group member came back from the vacation. We hope that tomorrow we will get more information about our volcano. By: Rojin & Madison

Sunday, March 30th, 2008
Rojin: Updating our web page; also putting a slide show lots of information, and video on our wiki space.
Meghan: None
Madison: In the vacation.

Saturday, March 29th, 2008
Rojin: Updating our wiki space; also putting more info on our web page.
Meghan: None
Madison: In the vacation.

Friday, March 28th, 2008
Today we didn't had science class to work on our project, but we worked on it at home:
Rojin: I edited our web page like: table of contents, videos, and...Also I tried to find some information about our volcano.
Meghan: None
Madison: In the vacation.

Thursday, March 27th, 2008
Today was the first day that we should worked on our volcanoes. So me and Meghan while Madison is not here, were searching about the Kilauea our volcano. We found some good sites for searching. Also we are going to make our own webpage and put informations in it and update it every day. By: Rojin

Things to do

Monday, April 21th, 2008

1) Update our web page everyday at home and school.(even at weekend)
2) Find more information and put it on the facts about Kilauea.
3) If you added information to our page remember to right the sources, too.
4) Search for pictures of Kilauea for our web page.
5) Try to do Daily work log every at school or even at home.


These are were we got our information for kilauea.


- Hawaii volcanoes
- world book encyclopedia