Welcome to Noah's and Eddys Gamkonora Volcano Page!!


march 30

Daily Work Log

Today, I set up my page and got Mr. Lum to help me create my table of contents. I will be doing some more research on Gamkonora at home and I will take some notes on it. Eddy was away today and I will fill him in on what I did.

april 2

today eddy was looking for reserch on are volcano i was doing are work log and thinking what materals we need and then look for reserch eddy found a cool web site about are volcano it last ecksplded 07 not to long a go

april 3

to day me and eddy started on are volcano i still have to make a grph oh are volcano eddy is geating the materles for the volcanos and i wiil go to his house and help him make the volcano

home work materiles list we are useing plado plasting cared bored we are going to yse papermachea for the volcano and coler it gree amd some bron

plan every day work on it we are going to work at eddys house and leave it at eddys house it will take us a bout
a week

april 4

today i sis are daliy work log eddy was planeing are volcano and finding pitures for are volcanoare volcano is on a montin in indonesh my and eddys montin erapts lots my volcano erpted 2007 not that long a go

home work
i liked mt st helens because she had you tube videos and was very colerful

i also liked mt fuji it was very colerful and there was some pictures

mauna loa was very cool to it had a you tube of thje volcano and cool aterfacts

the yellowstone volcano it had some cool ater fact

april 7

today eddy did the sceach on are volcanoand i did are daylily work log i have to do it because eddy dose not have a wiki but i do not care that i have to do it every day me and eddy are going to stert are volcano today it will be so cool it will be the best

facts my volcano last erpapied in 2007 and my volcano erpapied for times be for that

april 8
i was not at school today i was sick but still writing my dayly work log i think eddy is finnding facts about are volcano i put some facts on my page.

april 9

me and eddy found pictures for are work page today me and eddy did not get materils so we did not work on volcano

april 10

today me and eddy where stock but found out how to start the volcano we do to have a comra yeat but going to by on we pated are volcano today and take a picture tommorow


today me and eddy started making re volcano we had some tropils makeing it but then found a slushen it was fun making a volcano


today me and eddy where paniting are volcano and almost done are volcano we just have to put stuff on the out side of the volcano