Welcome to Miranda's Agrigan page!

Information on Agrigan

Agrigan is in US on an island named Mariana.
The last known eruption was in 1917. The summit evelation is 965m-3,166 feet.
When it last erupted it caused rocks to fly 1 yard and as far as 3 miles!

Work Log

April 14 2008
Today and yesterday I started my volcano
and have the layer of the paper mache
so when I get home i'll paint it!

April 9 2008
Today I bought all of my matirials for the volcano model and I am planning on starting tomorrow.
April 3 2008
Today I told my mother that I need to buy things for my volcano model
and now I am starting on my skech of the volcano itself.

April 2 2008
Today I reasearched the hight of the volcano also,
I listed all of the matirials for the volcano model.

Matirials for Volcano

For the volcano model I will need the following:
-Paint (Red, Brown and black.)

Pictures and Videos

external image coverphoto.jpg